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Snowdrop Festival

Snowdrop Festival

1 February to
10 March 2019

Thousands of snowdrops carpet the woodlands – National Collection of over 350 different Snowdrops – Feed the Piglets – Story telling – Environmental Sculptures – Art and Craft Workshops and lots more...

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Snowdrops, snowflakes and aconites


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Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus means with milk-white flowers.

The first sign of spring!

This narrow-leaved snowdrop, with its delicate white hanging flowers grows to approximately 4 inches tall.

Snowdrops are reliable hardy and perennial. Snowdrops are a must in your garden!

Double Snowdrops

Galanthus nivalis flore-pleno


Flore Pleno' is a robust, vigorous variety with double, white flowers.






Leucojum vernum

This snowflake often blooms as early as the snowdrops but is much more rare than the summer snowflake .

Each flower stem usually carries a single lightly scented flower, but occasionally two will appear.

The elongated leaves are bright green. Broad, shiny green leaves and bell-shaped white flowers with green or yellow tips – rather like a ‘Tiffany’ lampshade.

Snowdrops, snowflakes and aconites


Eranthis hyemalis

Upturned , golden yellow cup-shaped flower surrounded by rag-like ruffs.

Winter aconites have been grown since the sixteenth century in English Gardens and extend the flowering season of perennials by adding splashes of colour from January to March .

Contrasting colours of white and fluorescent yellow are a common occurrence in nature and regularly appear side by side.

Perhaps this is why winter aconites so visually effective when mixed with snowdrops. 






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