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Snowdrop Festival

Snowdrop Festival

27 January to
11 March 2018

Thousands of snowdrops carpet the woodlands – National Collection of over 350 different Snowdrops – Feed the Piglets – Story telling – Environmental Sculptures – Art and Craft Workshops and lots more...

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We have lots of different events throught the year.
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Price List
Voted Best Supplier of Bulbs 'in the green' Gardening Which


Heralds of Spring Collection (Spring dispatch only)

This collection would make an ideal starter pack for a new garden, a splendid gift, or just a treat for yourself or a friend.
3 Leucojum vernum
2 clumps aconites
25 Double snowdrops
25 Single snowdrops
£44.00 including post and packing

If the collection is being ordered as a gift to celebrate an occasion outwith our normal dispatch period, a special gift card will be sent to you to give to the recipient. Last date for Christmas gift orders is 16 December and then orders are dispatched late February/March

Autumn Dispatch

We are now able to supply snowdrops which are dormant, or just starting to grow, sending them out 'damp packed' for immediate planting in September / October


Single Snowdrops Galanthus nivalis

single snowdrops

25 bulbs £11.50
50 bulbs £18.50
100 bulbs £34.00


Leucojum vernum


3 bulbs £8.50
5 bulbs £14.00
10 bulbs £24.00
25 bulbs £54.75


Wild Garlic
Allium ursinum

1 clump £5.00
3 Clumps £14.00
5 Clumps £20.00
10 Clumps £37.50


£5.90 for orders up to the value of £45.00
£9.90 for orders over £45.00

There is no charge for orders over £150.00
These prices are for UK mainland addresses only.
Please contact us for more information touch if you live outside the UK.

Spring Dispatch
'In the green'

Sorted Snowdrops

Sorted Snowdrops

Top quality bulbs – only bulbs which have flowered this year are dispatched.

Single Snowdrops
Galanthus nivalis

25 £10.50

50 £17.00

100 £28.00

Double Snowdrops
Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Pleno'

25 £13.00

50 £21.00

100 £35.00


Unsorted Snowdrops

Snowdrop Sorters

These bulbs are dispatched in bulk ‘as dug’ with earth shaken off and include a mixture of flowered and smaller bulbs. This is an ideal way to buy snowdrops to establish a woodland planting.

Please specify if you require single unsorted bulbs or double unsorted bulbs.

Unsorted single snowdrops

500 £105.00

1000 £170.00

2500 £390.00

Unsorted double snowdrops

500 £150.00

Spring Dispatch
'In the green'


Eranthis hyemalis


Upturned, golden yellow cup-shaped flower surrounded by rag-like ruffs. We sell by clump to minimise disturbance of corms, which can be difficult to establish.

£5.50 per clump (approximately five flowers per clump)



Leucojum vernum

All bulbs dispatched will have flowered this year. Broad, shiny green
leaves and bell-shaped white flowers with green or yellow tips – rather like a ‘Tiffany’ lampshade.

3 bulbs £6.50
5 bulbs £10.50
10 bulbs £19.50
25 bulbs £42.00


Wild Garlic
Allium ursinum

Wild Garlic

1 clump £5.00
3 Clumps £14.00
5 Clumps £20.00
10 Clumps £37.50


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