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Snowdrop Festival

Snowdrop Festival

1 February to
10 March 2019

Thousands of snowdrops carpet the woodlands – National Collection of over 350 different Snowdrops – Feed the Piglets – Story telling – Environmental Sculptures – Art and Craft Workshops and lots more...

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We have lots of different events throught the year.
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Voted Best Supplier of Bulbs 'in the green' Gardening Which


New snowdrop website

To order Snowdrops, click here to visit our new snowdrop site.

We have been supplying Snowdrops 'in the green' by mailorder since 1986. So we know how to take care of our lovely galanthus bulbs. We supply snowdrops to the UK and across Europe. Our largest order to date is for 500,000 snowdrops! If you don't need that many our minimum order is just 25 snowdrops. Order online here
Snowdrop Prices

Snowdrop pricelist

Snowdrops are available in the Autumn (damp packed) and in the Spring (in the green). Order your snowdrops, snowflakes, aconites and wild garlic now.

Price list

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Snowdrop Events

Admire them, buy them, wear them?

We are open every day from 10am to 5pm.
Free entry for children

A perfect excuse to get out of the house whether for a day out, pleasant walk or to wonder at the specialist snowdrops . Enjoy fresh air, a brisk walk, lots to look at and a good plate of soup and a snowdrop biscuit.

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Snowdrops, snowflakes and aconites

Snowdrops, snowflakes and aconites

We are all mad about snowdrops, snowflakes and aconites here at Cambo.  Join us?
Find out where they come from, how to plant them and how to care for them.


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