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Snowdrop Festival

Snowdrop Festival

1 February to
10 March 2019

Thousands of snowdrops carpet the woodlands – National Collection of over 350 different Snowdrops – Feed the Piglets – Story telling – Environmental Sculptures – Art and Craft Workshops and lots more...

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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a snowdrop?

Any of several bulbous plants, originally from Europe and Asia Minor, of the genus Galanthus, having solitary, nodding white flowers that bloom in early spring.

What is a snowflake?

Leucojum vernum. Broad, shiny green leaves and bell-shaped white flowers with green or yellow tips – rather like a ‘Tiffany’ lampshade – height 6-8”.

What is an aconite?

Eranthis hyemalis. Upturned, golden yellow cup-shaped flower surrounded by rag-like ruffs. We sell in clumps to minimise disturbance of corms,
which can be difficult to establish.

Can I buy bulbs throughout the year?

Almost! We send bulbs which are dormant or just starting to grow, sending them out ‘damp packed’ for immediate planting in September/October. Leucojum vernum, Galanthus nivalis and Galanthus nivalis flore-pleno. Price list available on request.

In December/January we send out bulbs on emergence to nurseries and wholesalers.

Late February onwards we send out ‘bulbs in the green’ – dug up as the flowers go over.

What are ‘unsorted bulbs’?

These bulbs are dispatched ‘as dug’ with earth shaken off and therefore include a mixture of flowered and smaller bulbs. Purchasing unsorted bulbs is an ideal way to buy snowdrops to establish a woodland planting and double snowdrops are recommended in preference to singles as we find they multiply much quicker and are a showier flower if you are trying to create an effect.

How to plant and care for your bulbs?

Cambo bulbs are freshly dug and carefully packed in moss to ensure that they reach you in good condition.
Whatever you do, don’t let your bulbs/corms dry out. Plant them as soon as possible, ideally in the shade of deciduous trees and shrubs. If this is not possible, “heel” them in until you are ready to plant them in their final position.
They are woodland plants and prefer soils with a fairly high humus content. An autumn surface dressing of bone meal can be beneficial.

Planting depths:
Aconites: 3cm to 6cm deep
Snowflakes: 10cm to 15cm deep
Snowdrops: 5cm to 12cm deep

Once established, divide your snowdrop clumps regularly, either when flowering or just after, being careful to avoid damage or drying out of root hairs


Guarantees and Conditions

We cannot guarantee flowering, which depends on horticultural conditions, but we believe that all bulbs/tubers dispatched by us are fine, healthy stock.

Bulbs/tubers which have been transplanted may take some time to establish.

All our bulbs and tubers have been cultivated on Cambo Estate or neighbouring estates

We regret we are unable to acknowledge orders except where an item is unavailable or when accompanied by a s.a.e.


Prices quoted are relevant to UK mainland addresses only. Rates for elsewhere on application.


What should I do if I have a problem/complaint?

Should there be cause for complaint, please write within seven days of receipt of order.






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